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Roadmap & Services

Our Roadmap 

Our roadmap at optimizing your Data Management for your business scope consists of two parts. First we execute a Data Maturity assessment and discuss your business case, and determine what data model and governance is required for the scope of work and business agenda. At the next steps we will implement these and cover the gaps for a customized Enterprise Data Management (EDM). 


  • Data Management is the technical implementation of Data Governance. Data Governance without implementation is just documentation.

  • Enterprise Data Management (EDM) enables the execution and enforcement of policies and processes.

  • EDM is the ability of an organization to precisely define, easily integrate and effectively retrieve data for both internal applications and external communication. 

  • EDM focuses on the creation of accurate, consistent, and transparent content. 

  • EDM emphasizes data precision, granularity, and meaning and is concerned with how the content is integrated into business applications as well as how it is passed along from one business process to another.

When the gaps at EDM are identified and covered we will start the second phase for optimizing your Agile Data Management. This will not only help you manage business data in a qualitative and consistent way, it also will support you at optimizing your objectives for demonstrable, robust and excellent operations (see below our services and their values). 

Our Services

Our EDM services and solutions at optimizing your Data Management system are:

Enterprise Data Management System Services ~ Govern your data!

  • Data Governance - we will jointly determine requirements and standards for managing data consistently at your organization.
  • Enterprise Data Management - we will implement and sustain regulations for managing data strategy, policy, roles, tasks and responsibilities.

Demonstrable Data Management Services ~ Be compliant!

  • Data Architecture - we determine and secure data objects and data structures at an organization in data models. These form the base for information analysis and process and system construction.
  • Content Management - we assess the way classification of data, structuring and unlocking of document flows is managed.
  • Data Base Management - we examine the operational technical management of the databases, and the actions to manipulate and control data to meet necessary conditions throughout the data lifecycle.
  • Data Security - we assess how security of data against breaches is managed and how data confidentiality, integrity, availability and nonrepudiation are secured. 
  • Identity and Access Management - we examine how access (authorization, authentication) of data is organized and secured (IGA).

Robust Data Management Services ~ Manage your risks!

  • Data Warehousing - we evaluate the activities for defining architecture of data storage in relational databases, and how this is designed to enable and support business intelligence activities (analytics).
  • Business Intelligence - we assess if disclosure of data stored in data warehouses delivers the information on which management can make their decisions.
  • Data Quality Management - we support you at securing quality criteria in a structured way, analytics of the actual data quality and reporting on it.
  • Change Management - we assess if and how the decision making of changes are prepared and after decision are implemented (internally and externally).

Excellent Data Management Services ~ Optimize your performances!

  • Reference & Master Data Management - we examine how quality of decision process is secured, how data is consistent managed and how decision process is supported by agreed values and analytical data.
  • Data Development - we examine how this is undertaken in order to improve the quality, relevance, consistency and availability of information.  
  • Meta Data Management - we examine the data management process of systematically handling how organizations store, access, and use data connected to their digital assets.
  • Process Monitoring - we examine how the data of the total business processes is monitored (in real-time), and how feedback control is organized for preventing variabilities and improving the quality of the product.


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