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Better decision making and performances by optimizing reliable data and business intelligence

About us

Business Process Consultants

We are an independent business process consultancy platform offering asset data, management and performance expertise across a portfolio of various industrial, infrastructural, chemical, energy, food and construction assets and operational processes in the supply chain.

Build-In Intelligence business management consultancy operates with her own projectmembers and cooperates with technical process partners providing capabilities to offer a full suite of strategic and operational asset data management and IT solutions.

Driven by our passion to help clients manage her assets and process data more strategic, consistent and predictively we deploy data services to improve business intelligence, support decision making and optimize performances by blending our asset data management and IT technology capabilities.

Why Build-In Intelligence for the process industry?

We are a business process consultancy which represents a broad scope of asset- and data management expertise and experiences. The main reasons for selecting us for your data management challenges are:

  • Independent – We are a completely independent operating what means we will support you objectively;
  • Business Process Consultants – We represent all kinds of business process backgrounds and are very hands-on;
  • Experienced – Our team members are very experienced in various area's of asset- and process management;
  • Our values – We are integer, client focussed and are driven to improve business impacts;
  • How we work – We create awareness, support you at determining strategies, implement gaps and optimize performances;
  • Partnership – As a trusted advisor we join you at every step of your improvement project for realizing aimed deliverables;
  • Agile Data Management – We support you at creating business intelligence for making better decisions in constantly changing times;
  • Demonstrable, Robust & Excellent Operations – We create compliant, risk controlled and optimized data performances for your business.

What drives us?

We are driven by making impact, realizing improvements, evaluating purposes and strategies at delivering and creating values for our clients. What is the issue behind the question, why is it an issue, how could we be of help, what would be a practical approach for making it cost-effective and a client succes? These thoughts are represented at our team of experts who want to make a difference for our clients. 

Some of our main drivers are:

  • Integrity – We are open, independent and accountable in our advice and cooperation;
  • Ownership – We are engaged, responsible and result driven;
  • Sustainable – We are engaged to create value for our environment;
  • Inclusive – We are sincere in spirit and we respect and value everybody we work with.

Our Team

Ton Wessels
Peter Heeren
Paul Haagmans
Fahad Masood
Bert Dingemans

Feel free to contact us or have a look at our CV's ~ Please let us know what your data business challenges are.