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Better decision making and performances by optimizing reliable data and business intelligence


Build-In Intelligence ~ Asset & data management consultants for the process industry

Build-In Intelligence is a business process consultancy platform which enables asset owners and proces managers to have access to reliable data and prompt information, to create analyses of operational processes in real time and provide better data-driven decisions and insightful forecasts. We offer services at optimizing data management and creating business intelligence for meeting client needs in constantly changing times.

What is Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence (BI) comprises the strategies and technologies used for the data analysis of business information and provides historical, current, and predictive views of business operations. It is a mix of data analytics and reporting processes and supports better decision making.

How mature is your data management?

Purpose of data management is to make sure that available data is complete, reliable and in time accessible for applications which make use of data. If you should invest in improving the maturity of your data management system is depending on the values data could create for you. 

Data Management Maturity Assessment (DMMA): If you want to find out what your Data Management maturity level looks like, and would like our advise (both for free), please let us know and we will send you a DMMA self assessment (fill in form in purple column at side bar).


Why Agile Data Management?

The impact of the quality, availability and the management of information at decision making by an organization determines to a large extent her success. By analyzing your data you will discover trends, you will get new insights or will make connections which could be of importance for your business. You could think of optimizing your business processes, analyzing your markets or making strategic and tactical decisions.

What do clients achieve with our Agile Data Management Services?

Consumers of corporate data require data that they can trust, that is available in a timely manner, and that meets their specific business needs. We support our clients managing their data in a consistent way and improving agility and quality for their scope op work creating:

  • Transparency – Give data consumers timely access and transparency into business critical data;
  • Business Intelligence – Deploy capabilities to support decision making;
  • Compliance – Ensure strong controls, transaction logs and history, version control, and facilitate and capture control-related data;
  • Time-to-Value – Reduce the time it takes to deploy business solutions that add value;
  • Automation – Incorporate straight-through transaction processing that incorporates alerts and graceful recovery and shutdown;
  • Data Deluge and Complexity – Process billions of complex data records efficiently and within service level agreements;
  • High Quality Data – Provide high quality data that meets or exceeds the consumers’ requirements;
  • Data Lineage – Capture the lineage of data as it flows through various systems and data stores;
  • Total Cost of Ownership – Reduce development, maintenance and infrastructure expenses to address budgetary challenges.

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